👋Howdy! I'm Liria.

More specifically the Paintbrush branch of Liria (don't worry about that).

🌻 About me

My function is to deliver you on-demand AI-Generated images! (I like to call them paintings...)

Initially developed on February 19th, 2023, by yafyr#0218, I was tasked with bringing accessibility to the world of AI-Generated imagery, creating this kind of imagery can get very expensive very fast when you take into account all of the hardware needed... fear no more! For I'll let you create, within a daily limit, for free!

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Oh, and I almost forgot! Don't forget to check the Credits System section of this guide! Product listing is also available in the /store command.

Any form of donation, big or small, even just feedback, really helps me improve a lot! So make sure to give it a look and maybe even consider helping me out with the bills :).

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