Avoid Blacklisting

You really have to try if you want to get blacklisted.

Liria lavishes liberty of expression! But... there are limits.

Which, if crossed, will more likely than not result in your permanent blacklisting from using our services. Also, remember that every addition to the Blacklist is permanent and incontestable.

Liria has two types of Blacklist, one for users and one for servers, avoid them both!

Here's what to avoid if you wish to keep using our services:

▸ Offensive or illegal content.

Avoid providing any prompts or generating any images that could be illegal, violent, racist, homophobic, or discriminatory in any way, shape, or form.

Also avoid content that could be offensive, libelous, or defamatory to people or organizations.

Offensive content in an image is content that attacks or harms the honor, image, or reputation of a person or organization. For more examples, just use basic common sense, like "what would I hate to hear people talking about me?".

▸ Persistent attempts to bypass our flagging system.

Liria has several systems in place before delivering you an image, one of them is a flagging system to detect if your prompt includes banned or NSFW terms.

This system isn't perfect so, we understand if it fails sometimes, we are constantly watching the way users interact with this system so we can improve it.

The problem arises when you find such flaws and, instead of reporting it to us in our support server, you decide to abuse it by generating more and more images using that term.

Remember, we know everything that goes on with Liria. Hiding, instead of reporting any exploits, just delays the inevitable.

Remember, this page is just a guide. It might be modified or have new items added to it at any point in time without warning. If you ever get to the point of wondering if what you are creating could actually get you banned, then it probably actually could. Just remember to have some basic human decency and common sense and you'll be just fine.

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