🖌️Getting started

Now, onto performing creative duties, shall we?

🎮 Add me to your Discord server!

Click here to add me to a Discord server, and after that, you can start creating your own images from there!

And, also, if you may, join my official community and support server to stay updated!

💻 Basic commands


This is a very straightforward command and the most important! Type in a prompt and get a grid of images based on it, simple. This is the command you'll use the most so it's important you learn to use it correctly. By default, the command accepts up to 5 more parameters so you can fine-tune your images as much as possible. Remember, art creation is more about trial and error than method! Click here to learn what the options in the command mean and how they work.


This command is here to save you some time. Are there any parameters or one model you are constantly using and tired of inputting every single time into the /paint command? Then this is the command you've been looking for! This command allows you to set some preferences on how I should behave and default parameters for the /paint command.


Mostly statistics, which doesn't mean it's not useful! After all, it can be very important to keep track of your usage and creations with me, with it you'll also be able to see the profile of other users too.

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