🤫Privacy Policy

We promise we won't sell your data, I swear.

▸ Data collected

No more data besides the ones listed here are collected.

  • Your user ID.

  • A record of all your requests including job IDs and date of creation.

  • Your settings, such as default parameters and personal preferences. (So, pretty much everything you can set in the /settings command)

  • Your premium status and amount of credits for obvious reasons.

  • Whether or not and when you have accepted our terms of service and/or allowed the generation of NSFW content.

▸ How we use the data collected

Any data we collect is used exclusively to personalize your experience with our services. Such as, but not limited to, modifying the way Liria responds to your inputs.

▸ Data sharing

We do not share any collected data with third parties. Some of the data collected may be accessible to users of Discord inside Discord. Sensitive data, such as personal preferences, are never shared or shown publicly anywhere.

▸ Data concerns

Any concerns regarding your collected data shall be directed to a ticket in our official community and support server, the creation of which is available through a channel called "create-ticket".

▸ Data removal

We will only remove any collected data upon account termination. After terminating your account, you'll be blacklisted from using our services and all of your data stored in our database will be permanently deleted (you know, terminated).

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